Brewed Awakenings

Services: SEO, Web Design

Customer Expectations:

This project was initially an update for their site, but it turned into a complete redesign so that they could better accommodate their needs. After meeting with the owner of the business we were able to narrow down what his expectations for the new site were. He wanted the site to be more visually appealing, aid their marketing efforts, increase integration with their POS system to assist customers better, and allow ordering via any third-party platforms they were partnered with.


We addressed the owner’s expectations by providing Brewed Awakenings with a website that was fully optimized for every device that was to access it, and bringing their design more on par with their branding per their Marketing Department. We then provided a slider on the Home page, so that they were able to put emphasis on any items they were looking to boost during that month. The integration with their POS system Toast was applicable in that we were able to allow customers to check & update balances on their gift cards, purchase new cards, discover the customer’s closest Brewed Awakenings location, and order online from their POS system. Lastly, any third-party delivery services Brewed Awakenings was partnered with were accessible by creating a sort of profile for every location, and each of these “profiles” displayed all respective links for these services + their POS online ordering system.